COvid-19 update

at level 2 we are still able to operate, 

We will have some new rules to follow when coming in and seeing us,

please see below:

If you are unwell please cancel your apt and reschedule for when you are feeling better.

We have Provided a QR code so that you can trace your own visit

If you have a face mask please bring it with you to your appointment. (optional)

We will have hand sanitiser that will be available for you at the reception desk on arrive and as you leave.

 Please do not arrive for your apt 10 or 15 mins early (usually this is great but not anymore) Arrive on time.

When you arrive have a seat but stay 2 metres away from other clients in the salon. (still say hello to each other though)

Please don't leave us hanging, if you need to cancel your apt do so within 24 hour cancellation period. This is a tough time for us at the moment and loose of income due to no shows or late cancellations has a BIG impact on us small businesses.

Please try not to bring anyone else to the salon with you who does not have an apt.

We will not be taking any WALK IN appointments sorry, so please book online.

Head to our 'BOOK NOW' button the website to make your appointments. 

If you have any enquiries please feel free to contact us via email