COvid-19 update- 

introducing the traffic light system

In line with the government announcement all of New Zealand will be moving into the new Covid-19 Protection Framework (Traffic Light System) on Friday 3rd December. Nirvana Beauty Lounge will be operate under the government requirements and it will be necessary to have your vaccine Pass available for verification to attend your appointments. Our online booking system will now require you to confirm you meet the current COVID-19 vaccination requirements to be able to make a booking. Once you arrive to the salon for your appointment we will ask to sight your vaccination pass. Once one of our staff members have sighted your pass we will make a note in our booking system confirming your vaccine status. This will mean you will only need to show us once and do not have to show us every time you come in. 

We appreciate you taking the time to follow this process. We understand these are challenging times and we respect each individuals choices. We unfortunately will no longer be able to work on unvaccinated client from the 3rd December due to the government's new rules. We are a close contact business and our salon has to abide by these rules the government has put in place or we face $15,000 fines, and closure of our business. Our hands are completely tired, and we need to be able to stay open and running to support our staff and families financially. We are all learning these new rules and regulations as we go, so please be kind to our staff and each other. We are working hard to ensure everyone is kept informed and safe as we go.

you can download your Vaccine Pass by going to HTTPS://MYCOVIDRECORD.HEALTH.NZ                 

Take a screenshot of your pass for us to sight.


what the traffic light system means for our salon:.

GREEN: Vaccine Record keeping and scanning in required.

ORANGE: Vaccine Record keeping and scanning in required, face coverings are encouraged.

RED LIGHT: Vaccine Record Keeping and scanning in required, Face covering are encouraged.



Please contact our team with any questions or concerns.

Big 'THANK YOU' to our loyal clients who have been kind and supportive throughout all of this, we thank you for your support.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon. Xx



If you have any enquiries please feel free to contact us via email