Micro Blading

Microblading FAQ



This appointment is to discuss your brows and the Microblading procedure along with any questions you may have.
A Deposit will new taken at time of booking and will be transferred over to be used towards your first microblading appointment.
Allow 30 mins.


Microblading (first visit)

(Allow 2 hr, 30 mins)
Make sure you have had your consultation first before choosing this.


Microblading- Perfection (Second Visit)

(Allow 1 hr)
Choose this if it has been at least 4-8 weeks from your first microblading treatment with us.


Touch Up- (Within 2-6 months)

Some people may find that their brows require an extra treatment, this service is for those that need it within that first 6 months after the previous treatment).
(Allow 1hr)


Colour Boost- (Within 12-24 Months)

(Allow 1hr, 45 mins)
Must be between 12-24 Months since your last perfection treatment with us.