Advanced Facial Treatments


30 mins

A quick boost for your skin.
This refreshing pore cleansing facial includes; Double cleanse, Exfoliation, Enzyme Mask with Steamer, arm & hand Massage, Hydrators & SPF Application.



Anti Aging Collagen Treatment- Suitable for skin types showing signs of ageing dehydration. This Facial infuses collagen that helps increase skin cell regeneration, giving a plumping, firming effect and increases circulation and provides skin tightening while also having a moisturising effects on the skin.

60 mins


75 mins




What is Hyaluronic Acid? It's a natural occurring component of connective tissue that lends strength and flexibility to many parts of the body, including cartilage, blood vessels and skin.

What does hyaluronic acid do? Hyaluronic acid helps keep your skin moist and agile, aiding in a healthy, youthful appearance. Making this treatment ideal for maximum hydration as well as repairing and improving the skins function. Great for sensitive, problematic skin, rosacea, dry/ lipid dry skin or dehydrated skin.



A 'Wow' factor treatment! A non-invasive, skin refining treatment incorporating diamond tip micro-dermabrasion to resurface and removes dead skin cells. Recommended weekly to help minimise appearance of pores, congestion, increases collagen and elastin production, skin coarseness, pigmentation and wrinkles. Helps control blackheads and blemishes.


Double Cleanse, resurfacing with diamond tip micro-dermabrasion, customized mask infused with sonopheresis, hydrator and SPF application.

40 mins


MICRO- Kick Start package

prepaid 3 treatments


MICRO- New Me package

prepaid 6 treatments



60 mins

Deluxe Facial, Infusing the highest concentration of Vitamin C available in Clinics today. Vitamin C restores clarity for an instant glow, infuses skin with vital antioxidants.



This treatment is excellent for acne prone or hormonal skin. Immediate results that will keep improving.

There is no need to suffer from acne any longer!


Microdermabrasion or Salicylic peel, Extractions & Anti Bacterial Skin Infusion with sonophoresis.



Kick Start- package

Prepaid 3 treatments


New Me- package

Prepaid 6 treatments



For those who already subscribe to a customized SKINRX care program and want to fast track your progress or lets face it- "Cheat your way to perfect looking skin real fast." We have a variety of superb clinical strength peels to fulfill your quest to clear, glowing, youthful looking skin in no time at all.


Lactic Peel benefits anyone! It is gentle enough for even sensitive skin types. Lactic Peels is a radiance regem to lighten and brighten the skin to achieve an overall even skin tone and texture. While also removing the dead skin cells build up. This allows for better product absorption & giving your skin a beautiful Glow!


LACTIC PEEL- Kick Start package

prepaid 3 treatment


LACTIC PEEL- New Me package

Prepaid 6 treatments



Salicylic Peels benefit those who have acne prone and oily skin and can improve skin with mild to severe conditions. Also benefits individuals with acne rosacea.


SALICYLIC PEEL- Kick Start package

prepaid 3 treatments


SALYCILIC PEEL- New Me package

Prepaid 6 treatments



Available as an add on to any Facial treatment.

Infusion Me with Sonopheresis

This treatment uses sound waves to infuse product into the dermis of the skin to be more effective.



A 'WOW' Factor add on to any Facial treatment.



Extractions is the process of clearing clogged or obstructed pores, also known as comedones or milia from the skin.


Light Day Make Up

If you have places to be after your treatment then add this to the end of your treatment.


30 Min Massage

Great way to treat yourself just a little more!
Add on to your facial treatment for a 30min extended massage.


Ear Candling

Great treatment to help customers with many problems.
Ear Infections, Sinus trouble, Head colds, Wax in the ear, Water in the ear, prevention of pressure problems, prevention of painful flight pressure problems, prevention of ear infections, sinus trouble and head colds in children.


ADD ON- Collagen Eye Mask



Skin needling is used to treat acne scarring, surgical scars, wrinkles, pigmentation, skin tightening/ texture by stimulting collogen production. The treatment uses micro needles at varying lengths to penetrate skin, triggering our body’s own wound healing response to produce collagen tissue which is stronger, and firmer than before. Over a course of treatments collagen fibers are strengthened and elasticity increased, resulting in a smoother, more even skin tone. Numbing cream is applied into the skin prior to the treatment. Minimum to no pain felt at all.

Consultation- Dermal Needling

Full Face



Kick Start Package-

Prepaid 3 treatments